question and answer

question and answer

1.  how to setting smart tv 

    IF your LG samsung tv dont have this app, please download by computer and install by USB key 


3. MITVpro Error 4 or fail login

please sure right letter 

 username=b      l           LHaQYgEaqiamj            l  is  lower case  L  

 password=uazoG        I          nqarkOC7h            I  is  captial      i 

2. how many device it can work

all code work one device 

3. is it ok for windows?

please install vlc player and use M3U link

4. MITVpro not work

please change URL:

sample: Xtreame URL:

 username=lXNvBYACpAsX3ks       password=GQZRmiVViEln6A

M3U link:

video of app install

5. is it work with kodi?

yes,  "Kodi" and "Setting - PVR IPTV Client" / "Location"
  chose "Internet address" and   entered  link M3u

6. how long send order?

we send order in 2 to 12 hours after payment by email, depend on aliexpress payment processing.

7. NEOTV not work:

if not work, close router 5 munites, dont use VPNdont change device

if still not work, please ask reset  

8. Neotv extream setting

Please download iptv smarter from playstore

username: 1130271xxx(example code) 

password: 113027xxxx(example code)

8: ALL band iptv dont have EPG now

if you still not solve problem, please wait reply